Advocacy & Prevention


Transformative peace for all of Chicago requires us to go beyond working with the young men at the highest risk of violence involvement. We’re part of a broad-based coalition that approaches violence reduction as a public health crisis and works at the city and state level to create real, sustainable change.


To reach our goal of reducing gun violence,
we need to address the bigger picture.

In the past, policy solutions overemphasized policing, ignoring almost every other factor. CRED is part of a broader group of private funders called the Partnership for Safe and Peaceful Communities that came together to invest in scalable violence-prevention strategies. To do this, we need to coordinate on city and state levels to treat gun violence for what it is:

A public health emergency.

At the city level, we work closely with the Mayor’s office and Aldermen to advocate for safety infrastructure and violence prevention. The goal is to educate leaders: Significant and sustained investments in public resources in the neighborhoods most plagued by gun violence will help rebuild those communities and create new opportunities for the people living there.


Many in Chicago benefit from city services—public schools, criminal justice,
the transportation system, the health care system.

But for those living in the most vulnerable neighborhoods, these systems too often fail to meet even basic needs. We need transformational change, so these systems work for everyone.

At the state level we focus on policy change.

We educate legislators, raising awareness around policies that support our mission, such as ensuring that a portion of funds raised through cannabis taxes are directed to communities most affected by gun violence, and updating the Medicaid rules so community organizations can be reimbursed for the service they provide.


Changing the future of Chicago starts with
the safety of our youth.

We develop and support programs that give teenagers and young adults positive opportunities after school and during the summer.

Peacemakers Program

The Peacemakers Program molds young high school leaders, ensuring our youth can advocate for their community when the time comes. These students learn civic engagement skills and create peace projects that show the community what’s possible.

"These are amazing young men who have been through a lot and want something better for themselves. They want something better for their children. Many have always been leaders; they’re just leading in a positive direction now. They are the solution; they’re not the problem, and they are leading Chicago to a safer place."

— Arne Duncan, Managing Partner

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